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Boiler operators operate and maintain heating systems in facilities such as power plants. They may also be employed to do the same task in mechanical, engine or boiler rooms in large buildings. Their exact scope of duties may vary depending on their place of employment.

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POWER PLANT Engineering Multiple Choice Questions :-21. In a regenerative feed heating cycle, the greatest economy is affected (a) when steam is extracted from only one suitable point of steam turbine (b) when steam is extracted from several places in different

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you will find here the large collection of solved Steam Boiler Question and Answers MCQs for Boiler Licensing Examination. Power plant , thermodynamics and Mechanical engineering Questions with answers in pdf are available to test your knowledge.

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What questions I can expect in an interview with a thermal power . Well check out the following 1-All the working cycles of the plant like steam cycle,condensate 6-There are different areas in a power plant like Boiler,Turbine,Ash handling,Coal handling etc They may ask you which one is your favorite.

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High Temperature Heat (e.g. Baseboard, Fan Coils, Radiators) What is the square footage of your home (the area to be heated)? This field is required. Location: Please select the city closest to your home. This field is required. District of Columbia. Choose State Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware District ...

Boiler Hydrostatic testing procedure

Leakages in the boiler pressure parts (Tubes, headers and Pipes). To test the soundness of welded joints and associated pressure parts of the boiler in order to comply the code requirements. To prove the strength of the boiler pressure parts at a pressure greater than the working pressure of the boiler at ambient temperature.

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We use D.M water in boiler because of dissolved salts and minerals are successfully removed from the water . so this water is used for the getting high steam purity and also for pressure parts long life maintaining and also or power plant working is closed cycle



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250+ Power Plant Project Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: Name the four major circuits in steam power plant? Question2: What consists of air and flue gas circuit? Question3: What consists of feed water and steam flow circuit in steam power?

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Jan 12, 2020 · Power plant interview questions answers #Powerplantinterviewquestions #Powerplantinterviewquestionsanswers #Boilerattendantinterviewquestions #Boileroperator...

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(i) It is simple in design as compared to steam power station since no boilers and their auxiliaries are required. (ii) It is much smaller in size as compared to steam power station of the same capacity. This is expected since gas turbine power plant does not require boiler, feed water arrangement etc.

Distributed Control System (DCS) in Power Plant

Control system in power plant will have distribution in both topologically and functionally. Functional distribution such as operation of boiler side values, fans, turbine values, boiler oil firing, boiler coal firing for carrying out such different functions Microprocessors are distributed.

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Thermal Power Plant - Thermal or Steam Power plant Objective Questions and Answers

What is a boiler in a nuclear power plant?

Thus the “boiler” is the reactor pressure vessel in a BWR plant. A BWR may be thought of as a fire tube boiler, except instead of having hot combustion gasses passing through boiler tubes, hot nuclear fuel pellets are inside the tubes.

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10/24/2009 · engineers use boiler, heat exchanger, and heater in a steam power plant, is there any relationship among them? ... Related Questions. Newish boiler, 2 heat exchangers, power flush? ... power flush? What's wrong & who's responsible? Why is a boiler required in a steam power plant once the steam has been generated? Would you support a hybrid ...

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12/24/2014 · 250+ Thermal Power Plant Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What are the main circuits in the Thermal Power Plant? Question2: Steam power plant works on which cycle? Question3: What is the Thermal efficiency of steam power plant? Question4: What is the overall efficiency of the Thermal Power Plant or Steam Power Plant? Question5: Why the Thermal efficiency of the steam …

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CPP History - Cleveland Public Power - Count on it! CPP History "Chief among the questions of prime concern to Cleveland are those relating to common municipal services that are distinguished as public utilities'…let us begin with an electric lighting plant of the most modern type, by which we can produce electricity cheaply for street lighting, and in addition can give to the people in ...

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Apr 06, 2015 · 250+ Boiler Operator Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: Do you know in flight, how many attempts will the autostart perform? Question2: Tell me who is a power plant operator? Question3: Tell me when is the auto-relight function activated? Question4: Tell me what can you do to drive the blades of the turbine faster and preventing the damage of the blades?

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Essential Boiler Operator Interview Questions. Q – 1 Tell me about a difficult project and how did you manage to overcome it? Ans-Give an example about the toughest project of yours and tell all the positive things about it and explain how that helped you to overcome the difficulties.Q – 2 Tell us what was your greatest accomplishment as a Power Plant Operator?

Answered: 5. Consider a cogeneration power plant

Nov 07, 2019 · Assume the turbines and pumps to be isentropic, determine the mass flow 17.7 kg/ rate of steam through the boiler for a net power output of 15 MW Turbine 8 Boiler Process heater -t Condenser FWH Pump II Pump I Figure 2: An Cogeneration power plant

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Sep 14, 2017 · (15) In a steam power plant the function of a condenser is a) To maintain pressure below atmospheric to increase work output from the prime mover b) To receive large volumes of steam exhausted from steam prime mover

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Coal Fired Power Plant Operations PROJECT SUMMARY 363 OBJECTIVES The objective of this project was to develop an on-line software tool to control the operation of local optimisation packages and provide whole plant optimisation. The specific activities were; • …

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So, trace your career as power plant operator, power plant engineer, mechanical engineer, turbine engineer, assistant plant engineer, service engineer, boiler engineer and so on by looking into thermal power plant job interview questions and answers.

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[Show full abstract] these plants, such as steam boiler pipes, headers and tubes, steam turbine rotors and blades, and nuclear pressure vessels. These components typically experience long service ...

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Steam, Boiler, and Blowdown Pressure are the same. Combustion Efficiency is the % of fuel energy that is directly added to the feedwater and not otherwise lost or used. Blowdown Rate is the % of incoming feedwater mass flow rate that leaves the boiler as a saturated liquid at boiler pressure.

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2014/12/24 · So, trace your career as power plant operator, power plant engineer, mechanical engineer, turbine engineer, assistant plant engineer, service engineer, boiler engineer and so on by looking into thermal power plant job interview questions and answers.

Willmar Power Plant to close for good in 2020

Apr 14, 2020 · WILLMAR — The turbines and boilers will remain quiet and cold at the Willmar Municipal Power Plant in downtown, as the Willmar Municipal Utilities Commission approved shutting it down for good.

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Does anyone know how to calculate steam Lbs/Hr? — Heating

I think you MAY be confusing weight and pressure. When a boiler is rated at Lbs./Hr. they are talking about the weight of the water converted to steam in one hour. They are not talking about the pressure in the boiler,which you measure with a gauge. One pound of steam (by weight, not pressure) weighs the same as one pound of condensate which ...

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6/14/2017 · Practice Power Plant Engineering questions and answers for interviews, campus placements, online tests, aptitude tests, quizzes and competitive exams. ... The components of a Steam Power Plant are? a) Evaporator, Condenser, Boiler, Expansion valve b) Evaporator, Condenser, Boiler, Turbine c) Boiler, Turbine, Condenser, Pump

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7/17/2017 · In plant where steam is used primarily for generating power, water and steam cycle becomes more complicated. Some of these are reffered to supercritical boiler where steam is produced in the pressure exceeding 220 bar. At this pressure the density of water and steam are same.