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Our new Eye Care Massager improves blood circulation and relives eye strain and thus is effective in vision protection and recovery.
This unique eye mask is specifically developing for relaxing the eye muscles and it relieve and remedy of eye symptoms such as; 
• Light hypersensitivity  • eveningwear dry eyes  • sore and tired eyes.  • Problems with lenses wear  • Inflamed eyelids • lacrimal and sebaceous glands puffiness or circles under the eyes.   
The difference is that this eye massager is an easy-to-use alternative to the standard therapy for eye symptoms and is easy and pleasant to use. It's all eclectic without hassle for max 15 min.
In short, easier, faster way for a better result!.  Protect your eyes and reduce eye symptoms with INSTANT RELIEF Eye mask.  
INSTAT RELIEF eye mask is a medical tool that is also clinically proven to  reduce your eye problems with the unique combination of air pressure massage technology and infrared heating elements 

Product and composition eye mask with:
Heat elements
Massage and vibration functions.   
Power: 6.84 W 
infrared heating element allows for continuous relaxation of the eye muscles. 
2 types of air pressure 86 106 kPa kPa ~
Technology 6 functions:  • Heating mode • Massage • Pressure mode • Vibrate mode • Play music • itself timing 
Material: PU leather, engine, ABS time setting: 5/10/15mins

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